Lisa’s freezer cheats, kitchen essentials, serving ideas & more

The second part of our exclusive Q&A with award-winning writer, blogger, author and all-round style expert, Lisa Dawson.

As a busy mum of three and family of five (not forgetting Buddy the dog!), Lisa’s focus is quick and easy meals which can be created in a hurry.

Creating a series of delicious recipe ideas and serving inspiration for Goodlife over the coming months, Lisa saw down with us to share some her kitchen essentials, mid-week meal go-to’s and Goodlife favourites…

Q. What is your favourite Goodlife dish and what’s your favourite way to serve it?

My meal focus is nearly always quick and easy due to time constraints, so my favourite dish is the Veggie Protein Balls with savoury yoghurt and flatbreads.  It’s such a simple yet tasty dish and the whole family loves it.

Q. Do you have any favourite side dishes to serve with Goodlife products?

I’m a big fan of vegetable salads and I have a staple green bean recipe which comprises of tomatoes, mixed beans and feta with a chilli and lemon dressing.  I’ve been making it for years and it’s easily prepared in advance and is always popular! It goes perfectly with the range of Goodlife products.

Q. If you’re in a hurry, do you have any quick and easy styling tips for serving or styling the dining table?

I keep a basket on my kitchen table which holds the placemats so setting up for a meal is super quick.  I also keep my dinner plates on the kitchen shelves for easy access and there is always a candle in the centre to make every meal feel a bit special!  I have a big collection of wooden boards which are my go to for serving meals – they add texture to the table and look great, plus they work well as trivets for hot dishes.

Q. Do you have any kitchen essentials to recommend which help you to speed up cooking/prep time in the kitchen?

My favourite kitchen essential is my mini blender which is invaluable – I use it almost every day.  From making a quick hummus to blending vegetables for a soup, it takes moments and is easy to wash up and put away.  I also keep a jar full of essential utensils alongside the hob so that I don’t need to search through the often-untidy drawers when I’m mid cooking. I also keep a couple of smaller chopping boards alongside for ease.

Q. Do you have any freezer cheats/ hacks which are a mid-week or go to meal when in a hurry

If I’m cooking a family meal, I generally tend to make slightly more than I need so that I can freeze the extra for days that I don’t have time to cook.  I have a huge collection of Tupperware style boxes for this very purpose. I also buy the frozen pre-chopped herbs and onions which are absolutely brilliant when you’re in a rush – the same applies to frozen berries which are great to just whip out and have with yoghurt or in a smoothie.

Head over to Lisa’s Instagram @_lisa_dawson_ to watch the latest set of delicious veggie recipe ideas she has created for Goodlife.