Fakeaway night, create the perfect night in

Staying in is definitely the new going out…As temperatures cool this autumn, award-winning interiors & lifestyle influencer Lisa Dawson, shares advice for the perfect night in 


Written for Goodlife by Lisa Dawson 


We’re now well into Autumn and I have to admit that as the nights draw in and the days are getting colder, it’s harder and harder to leave the comfort of my living room for a night out. 

After a busy week, there is simply not a lot that is better than drawing the curtains, lighting the log burner and having a family discussion (okay, maybe more of a heated debate) about which film to watch on Netflix. If anyone has ever successfully agreed on a title when you have a 12-year-old and two teenagers, then they quite frankly deserve a parenting award.  

Anyway, family arguments aside, it’s also an excellent time for a weekend treat so planning some delicious food to accompany your film and fire is the perfect addition to your evening. We all have the numbers of our local takeaways on speed-dial but it’s actually very easy to have our own takeaway evening without even picking up our phones. How? By making it ourselves here at home. There’s a benchmark though – whatever we make needs to be as good as it is when someone else makes it for us and serves it up in a paper bag at the front door. 

So, how do you create the perfect Fakeaway Night In… 

Up The Ambience 

The first step is to make the evening feel special. You might not be going out, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t put the effort in for a night to remember. Pull out all the stops. Create a cosy atmosphere in the living space by lighting the candles and dimming the lights; draw the curtains and if you have a fire, ensure you’ve plenty of logs stacked to keep it going for the duration. There’s nothing that screams welcoming ambience more than a roaring log burner on a rainy evening 

Bring In the Texture 

Autumn is the perfect season for upping your textile game so make sure you have plenty of cushions and throws to keep you warm and relaxed on your favourite sofa. Vary the textures fora layered effect that will draw the eye-go for chunky wool, velvets, and faux fur in earthy, seasonal colours to create a look that is both cosy and luxe. Make sure that you have a stack of soft textured throws on hand so that there is enough for everyone. 

Make It Special 

A big night in is the perfect time to bring out your best crockery – don’t save your favourite plates and dishes for extra special events. Add a pretty tablecloth and set the table (or coffee table if you’re not planning to leave the living room), making each place setting individual with a napkin and maybe something green from the garden. I’m a big fan of using what you’ve got and make great use of the eucalyptus in my garden by adding clippings to my tablescapes. And finally, don’t forget to add your most loved glassware so that you can toast to your perfect evening in. 

Plan In Advance 

Planning is the key to success and that certainly applies when you’re deciding on the movie of the night. Canvas opinion at least the day before and set it all up ready to go so that there is no chance of discussion or possible debate that will spoil the intended ambience (especially when you’ve worked so hard to perfect it). Make sure you have all ingredients on hand to create the Fakeaway meal and stock up your fridge with your choice of beverage. And don’t forget the essential box of chocolates (or two) for a post dinner treat. Announce to your guests when they need to arrive (even if you’re just advising your family to be on the sofa) so that there is no confusion as to timings and you’re ready to go. 

Perfect The Fakeaway 

You’ve ticked all the boxes and are more than ready to create the star of the show – the perfect Fakeaway. My family’s go to takeaway is a burger, layered with salad, mayo and plenty of melted cheese. But how to recreate this at home? I try and incorporate more plant-based food in our diets, and it’s made extra easy for me with Goodlife Spicy Veg Beanburgers, which we style up as Vegan Dirty Burgers. Layered up with baby gem lettuce, beef steak tomato, gherkins and caramelised red onions with melted vegan mozzarella and cheddar and topped with chipotle and mustard sauce, they taste as good as they sound and are always a hit. They also come straight from the freezer (along with the French fries that we like to team them with) so are a really easy to plan meal with minimum fuss. The perfect Fakeaway Night In? Nailed it! 

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