Paella and veg tray bake

Serves 2



4 paella slices (2 per person)

1 yellow pepper

1 courgette

1 pack of tender stem broccoli

1 leek

1 medium white onion

12 cherry tomatoes

6 garlic cloves (one for the sauce)

Thyme – fresh

Olive oil

1 lemon



  1. Slice up the pepper, courgette, leeks, onion and halve the tender stem broccoli.

  2. Add the vegetables to a large bowl with garlic cloves and thyme. Mix well with enough olive oil for roasting and a generous amount of salt and pepper. Then add to a clean roasting tray and cook in the oven for 20 minutes (200c  fan oven).

  3. After 20 minutes, add the cherry tomatoes and continue to cook until all veg are tender and have taken on a nice golden colour.

  4. On a separate baking tray cook the paella slices at the same time, according to pack cooking instructions.

  5. Whilst the vegetables and paella are cooking, make the dressing with 1-3 lemon juice to olive oil, crushed garlic, and salt and pepper.

  6. When ready, serve the roasted veggies with a paella slice on top and a drizzle of the lemon and garlic sauce.