900157 Falafel Burger (4x6x113g) A delicious blend of chickpeas, onions, spinach, coriander, turmeric and a hint of chilli 900160 Spicy Bean Burger (24x113g) An indulgent blend of kidney beans, sweetcorn and green peppers, infused with cumin, chilli and oregano coated in a crispy crumb 900297 Thai Spiced Vegetable Burger (24x113g) A taste of Thailand. Mouth-watering fusion of lemon grass, Thai spices, edamame beans, bamboo shoots and spring onion ALL OF OUR BURGERS ARE VEGAN! 60% OF BRITS HAVE VISITED A BURGER OUTLET IN THE LAST THREE MONTHS Source: Mintel 900162 Vegetable Burger (30x57g) A wholesome selection of lightly seasoned vegetables coated in a crispy crumb 900159 Vegetable 1/4lb Burger (24x113g) Carefully selected seasonal vegetables encased in a lightly seasoned crumb Vegan BURGERS IN SATURATED FATS! LOW