OUR    STORY With healthy food packed full of unique flavours, natural ingredients and absolutely no nasties, we want to help the nation feel their best. So, whether your customers fancy a heavenly midweek meal or a healthier weekend comfort eat, we’re here. After all, balance is what a Good Life’s all about. Originating from the Middle East but now hugely popular across the globe, falafel is low in calories, high in fibre, loaded with protein and packed full of flavour. What’s not to love? At Good Life we turn virtuous veg into seriously tasty veggie food. Unlike some, we’re not interested in meat mimicry. We’re just helping naturally good, delicious vegetables to do their thing. VEGETARIANS ARE 5% OF THE POPULATION, +6% YOY I’M VEGAN! FLEXITARIANS NOW ACCOUNT FOR 8% OF THE POPULATION, +14% YOY 900158 Classic Falafel (3x20x25g) Traditional Middle Eastern flavours combined with fresh onion and whole chickpeas 900333 Sweet Potato Falafel (20x22g) Bursting with chunks of sweet potato, chickpea and apricot with a subtle hint of coriander FALAFEL 900331 Beetroot Falafel (60x25g) Vibrant beetroot and apricot is the perfect combination 900332 Pea and Mint Falafel (60x25g) Fresh peas and mint combined with subtle spices IN SATURATED FATS! LOW Vegan