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Planning on going ‘flexitarian’ in 2017?

Thinking of reducing the amount of meat that you eat this year? You’re in good company!

Around 1 in 3 Brits are cutting down on the amount of meat they eat (Source: NatCen 2016) and some of the biggest food stores are now even creating special sections that help make the ‘flexitarian’ lifestyle even easier.

Here at Goodlife, we wanted to find out why people were choosing to reduce their meat intake, without choosing a full vegetarian lifestyle, so we asked 1,000 people a few questions to help us understand more.

Did you know that almost half of mums (48 per cent) have reduced the amount of meat in their family’s diet or are planning to do so?

And those that are cutting down are doing so for a variety of reasons:

  • Health (53 per cent)
  • Saving money (47 per cent)
  • Animal welfare concerns (28 per cent)
  • Environmental concerns (23 per cent)


Different regions were more inclined than others to give a flexitarian diet a try. The South West was the top flexitarian region with 55% committing to eat less meat in 2017. London and East Anglia were second highest with 53%. The top carnivorous region was Yorkshire with only 37% opting to reduce their meat intake.

Whatever the reason and wherever you live, going meat free for a few days a week is a great excuse to enjoy the incredible variety of veggies out there – the flavours, textures and wonderful dishes you can create are beyond belief.

Going meat free is easy with Goodlife. Simply swap your normal meat products for one of our delicious veggie creations and you could make some significant savings. Substitute a chicken kiev for our Mushroom and Spinach Kiev and save 120 calories and 10.g of fat, substitute pork sausages for our French Bean and Wensleydale Sausage and save 48.5 calories and 6.4 grams of fat per banger!

So here’s to the flexitarian!

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