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Getting enough vegetables in your child’s diet can sometimes feel like a thankless task. Hours spent pulping, peeling, and mashing only to end the meal with untouched greens and a battle of the wills.

It’s an age old problem, but worry not – here at Goodlife, we’ve worked hard in our kitchen so that you don’t have to.

Looking for simple ways to help get extra veg into mealtimes? Why not try our simple and delicious tips to help your kids love veg as much as we do!

Get involved

Let your child be part of the preparation of the meal with simple tasks like washing vegetables and stirring ingredients. This will help them feel part of a team and invested in creating something delicious.

Family fun

Make the plate fun for really little ones and they’ll be less likely to question what is on there. So, if you’re serving veggie sausages and mash, build the mash and sausages into a character… hello, mr hedgehog!

Don’t offer unhealthy rewards

The old tactic of ‘no dessert until you’ve eaten all your vegetables’ could be doing more harm than good. Veggies aren’t a punishment! At Goodlife, we want to make vegetables the star of your mealtimes, such as our Mushroom & Spinach Kievs or Spicy Beanburgers. By selecting meals bursting with flavour and invention, you’ll have no need to offer rewards for a clean plate!

Get green fingered

Something as simple as keeping herb plants on a windowsill or in the back garden is a great way of showing your children where food comes from and helping them feel invested in the food they eat. Use the herbs to decorate recipes, such as this vegetarian pasta, and the journey from field to fork will be much easier to understand.

Be patient

Picky eating is a natural process for many children and it can take time for them to grow out of it. You might have to offer a child a new food 10 times before they accept it. So start simple – how about swapping hot dog sausages for Goodlife French Bean & Spinach Sausage in hot dog rolls, with their favourite sauce to top it off?

For more inspiration on how to get more veg into yours and your children’s diet, check out our recipe section here.