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Goodlife in Inverness

The Goodlife Team took a trip up to the Scottish Highlands to spend a couple of days with students in a few schools around Inverness. We took some of our delicious vegetarian foodservice sausages with us for the kids try – Cauliflower Cheese “Cheezy” Sausage, and the Tomato, Red Pepper & Mozzarella “Pizza” Sausage.

We cooked up the sausages for three different schools, getting the kids to try them with their lunches and let us know what they thought.Our mission was to change the kids’ and cooks’ opinions on vegetarian food – we wanted to show them that vegetarian food can be interesting adn tasty, as well as good for you.

Some of the children were a bit skeptical about trying something new at first, but once their friends tried it and liked it, they all dove in – one little boy kept coming back for more, and in the end walked away with a few handfuls for him and his friends!

Our biggest challenge of the visit was spending the whole day with the pupils of one school to help teach them about healthy eating, and how quick and simple it is to whip up a healthy meal – using some of our sausages!

Inverness 2

To keep things entertaining, we got them all involved in different kinds of activities – including how to prepare food safely, the importance of washing your hands and keeping your kitchen clean and even a guess the veg competition as part of our Mini-Vegenista Academy!

Our Goodlife family are all veg experts, so we thought it would be a great idea to train up the next generation of Goodlife vegenistas.

For the younger ones, we kept things a little easier – splitting them into groups and showing them flashcards of close-up veg to see how many they can guess right. We may have made this a little too easy as they all got 10/10! Definitely Vegenistas in the making!

For the slightly older pupils, we brought out some slightly more difficult veg (and some that even the teachers had never heard of) to teach them about different kinds of veg, and to encourage them to try new things. This round of guess the veg including things like Kale, Beansprouts, Avocado and Butternut Squash!

Next stop was the kitchen, where the kids all helped us cook up our sausages ready to taste them after lunch. We got them to try and guess what was in each sausage – they did very well with the pizza sausage, easily guessing the tomatoes and peppers, but struggled a little with the cheezy sausage.


Inverness 4

After the tasting, it was time to put it to a vote – Did they like the sausages – yes, or no? With a majority of hands flying up in the air to say they loved our sausages (and several thumbs up!), it’s safe to say the sausages were pretty popular, and they could be going on the school menu very soon! Some of them even said they preferred our vegetarian sausages to regular meat sausages!

We also asked the kids to suggest new sausage flavours, but they were a little eccentric, with flavour suggestions including salt and vinegar crisp flavour, or marshmallow and chocolate!


Inverness 3

After a busy and exciting couple of days, it was almost time to leave – but not without giving the kids something to say thank you first. All the pupils and teachers who helped us out were given “24 Carrot Gold” certificates showing how they’re now full-fledged veg experts in the Mini-Vegenista Academy at Goodlife. Even the teachers loved the glittery veg-shaped stickers we gave to the kids to show off to their mums and dads!


As we left, we got a picture of all of our Mini-Vegenistas, who were begging us to come back with more sausages very soon.