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Goodlife and the World Land Trust

As many of you may know, Goodlife have avidly supported the World Land Trust for several years, donating money to the charity for every pack of products sold. Up until 2011, we donated funds to the REGUA Appeal in Brazil – now our donations are directed towards the Borneo Orangutan Appeal.

We donate 1p per pack to the appeal which helps the endangered Orangutan which is currently at serious threat of extinction from deforestation. Palm Oil is a huge issue the WLT face, and is one of the main reasons the beautiful Orangutan is quickly becoming extinct. Loggers chop down the palm trees the Orangutans call home, to make a cheaper alternative to Vegetable or Rapeseed Oils so widely available to us. We don’t use Palm Oil in any of our products, and all money we raise helps to protect this endangered species and their habitats from being destroyed.

We care greatlyabout the welfare of these Orangutans, and in January – March this year, we have donated £1188.39 to this worthy cause – and each month, our donations are growing! The more boxes of Goodlife products you buy, the more we will donate – it’s as simple as that!

For more information on the Borneo Orangutan Appeal, or the work of the WLT, visit World Land Trust.