Make room for me-time this summer

Award-winning interiors blogger, author and all-round style expert, Lisa Dawson, shares her secrets to living your best life this season and beyond  


Award-winning writer, blogger, author and all-round style expert, Lisa Dawson is a busy mum of three, documenting her home updates and advice from her Insta-worthy home in the York countryside.  


Amassing over 180k followers on Instagram alone, Lisa is well versed at juggling family life with her successful career as the go-to interiors expert, influencing styling trends both inside and out. 


Teaming up with vegetarian and vegan food brand, Goodlife, on their ‘More time to live your best life’ campaign, Lisa has shared what living her best life means to her, why she thinks switching off and taking time for yourself is so important, plus daily habits that make her feel good. 


In a new YouGov survey – commissioned by Goodlife as part of their 2021 Home Cooking & Eating Habits Report – it was revealed that nearly 2 in 10 GB adults (18%) consider a barrier to cooking healthier meals at home is having to choose between ‘me-time’ and cooking more healthily. With all dishes in the range packed full of nutritious veggies and ready in under 30 minutes; Goodlife is on a mission to prove that eating healthier doesn’t mean having to sacrifice time for hobbies, quality time with friends, relaxation – or whatever me-time means to you! 


Head over to Lisa’s Instagram @_lisa_dawson_ and look out for a whole host of quick, simple and delicious veggie recipes she is creating for Goodlife over the coming months. 


In the kitchen with award-winning interiors blogger, author and all-round style expert, Lisa Dawson… 


What’s your favourite way to spend 30 minutes of me-time? 

There is nothing I like more than having half an hour to myself catching up on interior magazines!  I subscribe to a few but rarely have the time to read them properly so my dream thirty minutes would be relaxing on the sofa with a cold glass of wine, something tasty to snack and the fire on.  Perfection. 


What does ‘living your best life’ mean to you? 

I am constantly trying to live my best life and for me, this means taking some moments for myself but also spending quality time with my family and my friends.  I concentrate hard to get my work/life balance right so that I’m able to plan in fun things that will make me happy as well as being productive in my day job.  I love my work, but there is nothing I enjoy more than socialising with other people, planning a good meal or just catching up.  This past year has made these things even more important.  


What would your best piece of advice be, or advice you’ve been given, for leading your best life? 

would say make time for yourself, even if sometimes it feels as if it’s impossible to have a break.  We all have busy lives and everyday stresses so switching off and doing something that is entirely for you is so important.  Set yourself some goals of things that you’d like to achieve – even if it’s just watching a box set or making a recipe that you’ve seen and would like to try.  Planning little wins and completing them is very therapeutic. 


Are there any daily or weekly habits that help to make you feel good? 

I am a huge coffee fan and I take so much joy in drinking my first coffee of the day at my desk.  I don’t feel as though my day can commence without it!  I wait until the rest of the family have left the house and that’s my starting point.  I also plan in at least one new recipe from one of my many cookbooks in order that we can try something different as a family.  I’m trying to include more plant-based food in our diets alongside our normal fare – at the moment I’m loving Anna Jones, One: Pot, Pan, Planet. 


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