Meat free meal ideas, for more me-time

Are you in a lockdown cooking rut? As we juggle working from home, extra household chores due to more time indoors and fitting in time outside around unpredictable winter weather, you may be left feeling uninspired in the kitchen.

If you’re looking for meat free mid-week meal inspiration, packed with nutritious veggies and bursting with flavour, Goodlife is your go-to freezer must-have. Cooking from scratch isn’t always possible and whether you are a vegetarian, flexitarian, or have adopted the popular ‘Meat Free Monday’, Goodlife is the perfect solution to cut down on time in the kitchen and free up your lunchbreak and evenings for more me-time.

With all dishes in the range ready in under 30 minutes, they make for a delicious base for a hearty and nutritious meal – packed with fibre and veggies. Starting from £1.80 – £2.49 per pack, find the range at leading retailers nationwide. Shop online and instore across Ocado, Waitrose, Tesco, and Sainsbury’s.

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